Set Goals

Set GoalsWelcome to 2016!! It’s now a few months in and it’s time to reflect on the things you want to achieve over the coming months. For many, improving their health is a priority but sometimes it can seem overwhelming, especially if there are a number of elements that need work. The best strategy is to look at one area at a time and focus on that until you are happy with the results. Then simply move on to the next challenge, while maintaining the previous changes.

If you want to exercise more start with increasing by 10 minutes and slowly build up. Regularity is the key so make sure you do something every day. Include a mixture of both cardiovascular and strength work throughout your week. It doesn’t have to be a formal activity, you just have to move!

To improve your diet, eat foods that are whole, clean and full of nutrients and make sure you drink plenty of water. Eat small meals regularly throughout the day and you should never be hungry. Naturally, if you eat more then you need to move more as you have extra fuel to burn. It’s not rocket science and complicated fad diets should be avoided as they are ineffective and dangerous.

And remember, to be truly healthy your nerve system needs to be free from interference so that your brain is able to co-ordinate and regulate the function of every cell in your body. By including chiropractic care in your healthy lifestyle plan you will get the very best out of your body for the year ahead.

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