Meet the Team

Our team of chiropractors have been serving the community for over 17 years.

    Dr Melinda Bredin – Chiropractor / Managing Director

    B.A. (Psych), B.Chiro., Cert. TT, M.N.Z.C.A

    Melinda opened Chiropractic Touch in 2003 after graduating from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.  She is passionate about the incredible changes chiropractic care brings to people’s lives and has a particular interest in stress management and health psychology.  Alongside seeing her patients and managing the practice, Melinda also spent ten years working at the NZ Chiropractic College as a lead lecturer and intern mentor.  She enjoys seeing patients of all ages and specialises in very gentle techniques to adjust the spine including SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique), NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) as well as utilising an adjusting instrument called an Activator.  In her spare time Melinda prefers to be outside as much as possible either horse riding or walking her two miniature schnauzers.


      Dr Sarah Solley – Chiropractor

      Dip. App. Sci., B.Chiro., M.N.Z.C.A

      Sarah graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2010. Her passion for chiropractic began during family visits to the chiropractor as a teenager. Here she learnt how spinal function effects the communication between the brain and nerves that travel throughout the spine and the importance of regular chiropractic care. That it was about more than just back pain made sense to Sarah – it was about making sure that anyone of any age can function and heal to their best potential and this motivated her to train as a chiropractor. Sarah offers gentle adjustments and a monitored care plan. She will make sure you understand the “why” behind chiropractic and what she is helping your body achieve during visits.

      Since the birth of her two children, Sarah has developed a specific focus in paediatrics and pregnancy chiropractic and has undergone additional training so she can offer specialised care for pregnant Mums as well as their little ones.

        Dr Steve Bowers – Chiropractor

        Dip. App. Sci., B.Chiro., M.N.Z.C.A

        Steve graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2015. He has worked in a number of clinics over the last 5 years in Wellington, Whangarei and Auckland. He currently teaches in the Chiropractic Centre at the college, mentoring the future generation of Chiropractors and finds it extremely rewarding. Steve is an avid sportsman with most of his spare time spent on the golf course, playing tennis or kick-boxing in the gym. He started seeing a chiropractor in his late teens to help improve performance, movement and recovery and has since been passionate about helping others from all walks of life experience the same benefits.

        Steve specialises in a range of techniques both manual and low force including diversified and gonstead adjusting, upper cervical specific and activator methods.

          Christine Maber – Chiropractic Assistant

          Christine excels at her job as a Chiropractic Assistant and loves interacting with patients.  Married to Scott, with two teenage children, life is very much on the go!

          In her down time she enjoys travel, movies, music, photography, walking her beautiful dog “Molly”, and keeping fit at boxing class.


            Annette Foster – Chiropractic Assistant


            As a past Registrar and Director of Admissions at the NZ College of Chiropractic, Annette loves the vitality that chiropractic can bring to people’s lives.

            She is the proud mother of Matthew and an intrepid traveller and self-confessed foodie whose interests include the arts, history, philosophy and politics.


              Sue Maddren – Chiropractic Assistant

              Sue is a mum to 3 teenagers and loves spending time with her family and friends. Sue play tennis each week and has a passion for travel.

                Dr Sophie Muir – Clinical Psychologist

                Sophie is a clinical psychologist experienced in treating a range of psychological difficulties including anxiety, depression, anger, relationship difficulties, sexual identity, and low self-esteem among other concerns. She enjoys helping clients to cope with distress, find meaning within challenging life circumstances and explore how to more closely live in line with their values and goals. Sophie has a warm, calm and flexible therapeutic style.

                You can contact Sophie via or for appointments.

                  Katy Doherty – Registered Nurse – Dermoscopy

                  NZRN, BHSc (Nursing), Professional Diploma - Dermoscopy

                  With over twenty years’ experience as a New Zealand Registered Nurse and almost a decade in dermoscopy and skin cancer surveillance, Katy is qualified in detecting all types of skin cancer and precancerous growths including actinic keratoses, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.

                  Katy is passionate about saving lives through early detection of skin cancers.  She believes full body skin checks should be affordable and thus more accessible for people – cost should not be a barrier to having your skin checked.

                  In addition to offering a professional and impartial skin cancer detection service, Katy can support you with unbiased recommendations for surgical and non-surgical options if treatment is required. She has a network of trusted skin cancer GPs she uses for direct referral and full clinical documents and images can be securely shared with you or your GP on request.

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                    Hudson & Jyn – Relaxation Assistants

                    If you’re lucky enough, you may just see Jyn or Hudson at the practice when they pop in to assist from time to time.

                    OUR CHIROPRACTORS are proud members of the New Zealand Chiropractors Association
                    & graduates of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic