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How’s your Mood?

Happy face

Our emotional state can have a huge impact on our health. Our mood can vary depending on a lot of different components.  Stress, diet, exercise, toxicity, sleep and many other lifestyle factors can impact how we feel, think and behave.  Our emotional states can be very powerful and can even make us sick if not […]

Six things you didnt know – Media Release February 2017

Six things you didn't know about chiropractic

1) Improved Sporting Outcomes The world’s fastest man Usain Bolt[1], multiple world champion shotputter Valerie Adams[2] and all All Blacks great Mils Muliaina[3] are just some of the sporting legends who swear by chiropractic care. And the latest research backs them up, a series of studies, including one just published in Brain Sciences by Dr […]

Sitting on the Job

Did you know that less than 20% of jobs offer any physical exertion? That is quite concerning given that sitting for prolonged lengths of time has been discovered to be a significant health risk. Many of us sit all day at work and then head home to sit again for several hours in front of […]

Set Goals

Welcome to 2016!! It’s now a few months in and it’s time to reflect on the things you want to achieve over the coming months. For many, improving their health is a priority but sometimes it can seem overwhelming, especially if there are a number of elements that need work. The best strategy is to […]

Amazing new research – Greater Strength, Muscle Function and Less Fatigue through Chiropractic care

Spinal Research Partnership enables breakthrough study. “Research shows that Chiropractic care can increase strength, decrease fatigue and improve the brain’s ability to drive muscles.” “What we can say based on this study is that when we adjust subluxations, we improve strength, we prevent fatigue and we change the way the brain drives our muscles. That’s […]

Feeling STRESSED!!!???

The modern world is becoming increasingly complex, and the demands on our time and attention are numerous. We are now often working longer hours, we’re exposed to more challenging situations and often more is expected of us. Our lives are becoming more stressful than ever before. Stress = Physical, Emotional and Chemical responses occurring in […]

Chiropractic Touch: Chiropractic care for all ages!

For over 12 years, Chiropractic Touch has been providing Chiropractic care for Takapuna, the North Shore and greater Auckland. Our Chiropractors see a wide range of patients including babies, pregnant mums, sports enthusiasts and the elderly.  We also provide local businesses with corporate wellness seminars and education. At Chiropractic Touch, we offer a caring and […]