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Set Goals

Welcome to 2016!! It’s now a few months in and it’s time to reflect on the things you want to achieve over the coming months. For many, improving their health is a priority but sometimes it can seem overwhelming, especially if there are a number of elements that need work. The best strategy is to […]

Amazing new research – Greater Strength, Muscle Function and Less Fatigue through Chiropractic care

Spinal Research Partnership enables breakthrough study. “Research shows that Chiropractic care can increase strength, decrease fatigue and improve the brain’s ability to drive muscles.” “What we can say based on this study is that when we adjust subluxations, we improve strength, we prevent fatigue and we change the way the brain drives our muscles. That’s […]

Feeling STRESSED!!!???

The modern world is becoming increasingly complex, and the demands on our time and attention are numerous. We are now often working longer hours, we’re exposed to more challenging situations and often more is expected of us. Our lives are becoming more stressful than ever before. Stress = Physical, Emotional and Chemical responses occurring in […]