Meet the Team

Our team of chiropractors have been serving the community for over 13 years.


    Dr Melinda Bredin – Chiropractor / Managing Director

    B.A. (Psych), B.Chiro., Cert. TT, M.N.Z.C.A

    Melinda opened Chiropractic Touch in 2003 after graduating from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.  Extremely passionate about the incredible changes Chiropractic care brings to people’s lives she exudes happiness and positivity doing a job that she loves.  Melinda sees people of all ages and has a particular interest in stress management and health psychology.  She specialises in very gentle techniques to adjust the spine including SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique), NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) as well as utilising an adjusting instrument called an Activator.  In addition to managing Chiropractic Touch and working with a fantastic team, she is also a Lecturer and Intern Supervisor at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.


      Dr Joel Taylor – Chiropractor

      Dip. App. Sci., B.Chiro., M.N.Z.C.A

      Joel is a graduate of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic where he also gained the clinical prize in Paediatrics.  His beautiful daughter Stella is his inspiration for helping others live their life with more clarity and purpose.  Joel is passionate about Chiropractic care and how it can help the body to function at a greater level and adapt better to daily life.  He uses a variety of techniques which include manual adjustments and drop table as well as lighter techniques including NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) and Activator.


        Dr Jessica Croft – Chiropractor

        B.Chiro., M.N.Z.C.A

        Jessica is an uplifting individual with a real passion for chiropractic. Having first been introduced to chiropractic care as a baby, the chiropractic approach to health and wellness has been a huge part of her lifestyle ever since.

        A graduate of the NZ College of Chiropractic, Jess is excitedly passionate about helping people be the best they can be. As a trained professional life coach and with her 7 year background as a Chiropractic Assistant, Jess has one of those personalities that is transmissible to be around. She is driven by seeing all members of the community reach their desired health and wellbeing goals, by helping people live fulfilling, balanced, happy, healthy, successful lives.

          Christine Maber – Chiropractic Assistant

          Christine excels at her job as a Chiropractic Assistant and loves interacting with patients.  Married to Scott, with two teenage children, life is very much on the go!

          In her down time she enjoys travel, movies, music, photography, walking her beautiful dog “Molly”, and keeping fit at boxing class.


            Annette Foster – Chiropractic Assistant


            As a past Registrar and Director of Admissions at the NZ College of Chiropractic, Annette loves the vitality that chiropractic can bring to people’s lives.

            She is the proud mother of Matthew and an intrepid traveller and self-confessed foodie whose interests include the arts, history, philosophy and politics.


              Sue Maddren – Chiropractic Assistant

              Sue is a mum to 3 teenagers and loves spending time with her family and friends. Sue play tennis each week and has a passion for travel.

                Rosie Gee – Neuromuscular Therapist

                B.HS, Dip. TM, Dip. CNTM

                Rosie has been massaging for over 12 years with her main field of expertise being Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). This is a more advanced form of massage therapy that looks at the whole picture to help treat the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. NMT uses selected techniques to shut down trigger points, realign posture and increase overall well-being, as well as feeling like a great therapeutic massage!

                In addition to working at Chiropractic Touch, she also teaches at the New Zealand College of Massage and is currently studying Occupational Therapy.


                  Leigh Zhang – Acupuncturist

                  Dip (Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine)

                  Leigh completed her Bachelor degree in Chinese medicine after studying for 5 years at University in Beijing.  She then worked in a general hospital in Beijing for 8 years before moving to NZ.

                  Leigh is passionate about Chinese medicine and acupuncture and loves learning new techniques.  She has run a successful clinic in Torbay for over 15 years and thrives on building a strong relationship with her patients as well as the local GP’s and other health practitioners.  Leigh says she is grateful her job is also her hobby as she gains so much satisfaction and experience from what she does every day.  In her spare time, Leigh also enjoys learning and practicing Tai Chi and spending time with family.


                    “Eddy” Zhinan Wang – Acupuncturist

                    B.HSc (Acupuncture), Dip. (Law)

                    Eddie’s interest in health and its related fields started to grow after watching medical programs on TV.  Being a resident of New Zealand and away from his home land, he decided to further strengthen the ties with his culture. Eddie found that through the study of traditional Chinese medicine he was able to re-kindle a love and fascination for a health practise that has been around for thousands of years. Through his study he has found out how truly amazing traditional Chinese medicine really is. For Eddie, this was the ideal way of being able to help others.


                    OUR CHIROPRACTORS are proud members of the New Zealand Chiropractors Association
                    & graduates of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic