Chiropractic Fees (per appointment incl. GST)

Regular Visit ACC Subsidised
First visit  –  Full initial consultation        $85           $65
Ongoing visits  –  Adult        $55           $35
                                       Seniors        $45           $25
                                       Students        $45           $25
                                      Children (0-12 years)        $35           $15

*12 hours notice is required for any appointment changes or the above fees may apply*

Massage Fees (per appointment incl. GST)

With our massage specialist – Sports / Relaxation / Neuromuscular Therapy
30 Minutes $55
60 Minutes $85
90 minutes $105

Chiropractic Touch ACC registeredWe are fully ACC registered.
If your case is ACC related then you can fill out
all the required forms out at our office.
It is
not necessary for you to go to
your medical doctor to obtain an ACC referral.